Ran Igarashi

Ran is the very polite and gentle priestess of Shiisaa Island, which also houses the Temple of the Wind God. It's Ran's duty, along with her navi Windman, to protect the shrine from any sort of harm.

Naturally, Nebula becomes interested in the shrine's prize statue, which is rumoured to hold immense power. Yuriko steals this relic, and chaos befalls the usually calm island. With Rockman's aid, Windman successfully retrieves the statue, and brings peace back to their home.

In the game version, Ran became extremely evil and violent every time she drank from the bottle hanging from her neck, which was mistakenly filled with wine instead of water. In the anime, Ran just becomes a very funny drunk, who happens to be quite enthusiastic about net battling.

Ran is so adorable! It's good to see more female characters, even if she only does appear for one episode.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.