Rockman (Megaman)

Rockman is Netto's Net Navi, and devoted friend. He's basically the "good guy" of the series, as he foils the World 3's plans continiously. Rockman has a default weapon used in battle known as his "Rock Buster", in which he does not need a battle chip from Netto to use. As the episodes of the series progress, Rockman himself often becomes to prime target of the World 3's evil opertators and Navi's.

I like the fact that with this new version of Rockman, you can now actually see his hair. ^_^ A nice touch I think. It gives him much more of a human look, thus more belieavable when they convey emotion. Even Blues has long hair now. :D *insert dorky fangirl comment here*

As the series progress, Rockman begins to aquire a vast amount of various style changes. Beginning in Season 2 and all the way into Beast, these range from simple elemental changes, to soul unisons with other navis, and finally to ravenous "beast-out" transformations. The skies seem to limitless for Rockman!

Despite all their troubles with Dr. Wily or some other evil, Rockman and Netto always remain the most dedicated of friends. Rockman is a good balance to Netto's irresponsible behavior. It's truely a shame that the anime decided to not use the "brother" storyline from the games.

Rockman seems to have gotten a little taller than his previous original game versions. ^_^
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.