Just as Netto has Meiru by his side, as does Dingo have a cute girl by the name of Shanka. It seems only fitting that Shanka be the more responsible natured of the two, she's constantly calm and straight forward. At this point, she doesn't seem to have a net navi of her own.

Shanka and Dingo both come from the same indian village, and have been great friends ever since they were very young. While Dingo ventured off on his own from the village eventually, Shanka decided to stay behind. However when their great diety totem pole turns up, after having been missing for many years, Shanka and Dingo are once again reunited in their quest to bring it home.

Shanka's cute, but kind of a cliche type of character. We probably won't be seeing her very often.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.