Shuuseki Ijuin

After over 100 episodes of EXE, we -finally- got to meet the President of IPC: in other words, Enzan's father. Unfortunately, just like his game version, he's a complete jerk. After Enzan's mother passes away when he is still a very young child, Shuuseki treats his son very coldly.

Realizing that Enzan will be the heir to his company, he treats him just as that: training him to take over his place. Shuuseki bestows upon Enzan a new net navi, Blues, who quickly becomes the child's best and only friend. We only briefly ever hear Enzan mention his father during the series, often calling him an "old man" instead of by name.

Oddly enough, during Stream we get to see a much younger version of Shuuseki when we see events from the past (which don't relate to Enzan or his mother). He didn't look half bad!

*twitch* Poor really feel bad for him. Too bad we never see his mother, I'm sure she was sweet. ;_;
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.