Don't let the fact that he looks a lot like Rockman fool you. This spunky navi is filled with a lot of spazz and downright bundles of energy. Like his operator Dingo, he presents a lot of Indian heritage in his design, and this reflects in his types of attacks as well.

The axe on his right arm is detachable, and can be flung as a projectile weapon. Even Rock's buster isn't strong enough to deflect it when it's heading right at you. When in a pinch, Tomahawkman can also call upon his "Totem-sama!", which charges his energy, heals him, and then attacks his opponent for him with a blaze of fire.

Tomahawkman may sound a little rough, but he's very friendly and will do whatever he can to help out. He quickly becomes friends with Rockman, as Dingo does with Netto.

Tomahawkman is one of my most favourite characters ever. XD
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.