Bubbleman comes upon this adorably little baby navi deep in the recesses of an old Ameroupe army cyberworld. Called simply "Aka-chan" at first (Japanese for "baby"), this little tyke quickly takes a liking to Rockman when introduced.

Seemingly overnight, the baby grows to the size of a toddler, and learns to speak! Rockman names the child "Trill", and takes responsibility for his safekeeping. Trill's origins hail from the mysterious parallel world known as "Beyondard", where the evil Zoanoroids have been desperately hunting him down.

Trill possesses a rare power to release the full powers of Greiga and Falzer, which earns him the name as a "Synchronizer" by the Zoanoroids. It is proven that in cases of extreme danger, Trill has the ability to merge with Rockman completely, transforming him into the Greiga and Falzer Beast Out modes, which have been proven to be highly destructive and powerful. The Zoanoroids wish to capture this power for themselves.

Despite all his mysteries, Trill is as cute and innocent as can be. Practically unafraid of anything, this little navi can be quite a handful!

Trill is so absolutely adorable, it's hard to find ANYONE who's not a fan!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.