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Heart Wave
(Ryuusei no Rockman Opening)

Vocal: Misora
Translation: hobbit_hunter

Tobikau SHIGUNARU sorezore no kyou wo nosete
Flying past every signal that rides today

Onaji shyuuhasu kasane ai kimi to hanasu
You speak of setting the same joint frequency

Mayoi tamerai wo furi kiri
Hesitating, faltering, showing the limits

Soko ni aru hazu no michi wo ikou
There should be a road there to take

Miageru sora wa kokoro ni tsumoru negai no iro
Looking up at the heavens the colors of desire pile up in my heart

Egaku yume wo utsushidasu
I'll paint my dreams so I can reflect them

Kanarazu itsuka kono te ni fureru asu he no chizu
One day without fail this hand will touch the map for tomorrow

Tsuyoku takaku todoku made kagayaite
Stronger, taller, reaching until it shines

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