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Blues & Enzan: Program Advance! (Episode 15)
[ File Size: 2.07MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Enzan and Blues perform their ultimate Program Advance attack, the "Beta Sword" for the first time in front of a crowd! Enzan shows Netto what a Program Advance really is.
Rockman & Netto: Program Advance! (Episode 15)
[ File Size: 4.08MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : As a last ditch effort to win against Magicman, Netto and Rockman decide to give it their all into one last Program Advance attack. However they have not yet mastered the attack, and if it fails, they'll lose everything!
Forte Blasts Net City (Episode 32)
[ File Size: 529KB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Forte (Bass) makes his presence known as he attacks Net City head on, with a golden blast crashing down from the sky. This is his second appearance in the series.
Rockman & Woodman vs. Elecman (Episode 7)
[ File Size: 3.46MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Elecman and Elec Hakushaku are trying to steal Gabcom's game data! Rockman and Woodman team up to pull the plug on the World 3.
Rockman, Roll & Gutsman vs. Fireman (Episode 8)
[ File Size: 4.29MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Without Netto's battle chips to aid him, Rockman finds himself unable to defeat Fireman on his fiery turf. It's up to Roll to compile a plan and save the day! Don't underestimate the girl in pink. :D
Rockman vs. Quickman (Episode 37)
[ File Size: 2.52MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Daisuke and Netto have a Net Battle with their Navis Quickman and Rockman. With Quickman having greater speed than even Blues, Rockman's up for a challange.
Rockman Style Change: Heat Guts! (Episode 26)
[ File Size: 2.68MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Rockman's first style change, a feature that was introduced in the Battle Network 2 game. Heat Guts is exactly what it says, a whole lot of power! Rockman can use an upgraded punch, buster, or sword.
Rockman Style Change: Elec Brother! (Episode 33)
[ File Size: 2.69MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Rockman's electrical style change, Elec Brother! This option lets Rockman merge with another Net Navi, thus gaining extra powers depending on who that Navi is.
Rockman Style Change: Wood Shield! (Episode 28)
[ File Size: 2.12MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Rockman's 3rd style change, Wood Shield! This style gives him a great defense, and is very powerful against electrical types of viruses. His buster also shoots a gust of wind instead of the normal plasma.
Rockman Style Change: Aqua Custom! (Episode 45)
[ File Size: 5.10MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Rockman's 4th style change, Aqua Custom! This transformation gives Rockman the abilities of water, and it also packs a very powerful punch. Its custom abilities alows Netto much easier access to perform program advances.