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Rockman.exe Opening #1
[ File Size: 7.61MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This is the first opening for the Rockman.exe series, with the opening song "Kaze wo Tsukinukete"
Rockman.exe Opening #2
[ File Size: 6.96MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Some new scenes are added, primarily to include newer characters such as the Net Agents, the Navis of Gospel, Forte, and Shuryou, as well as Rockman's new style changes.
Rockman.exe Ending #1
[ File Size: 3.71MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : A very sweet slow song accompanies a battle chip that twirls around showing various chips, and ends with Rockman waving from his PET. ^_^
Rockman.exe Ending #2
[ File Size: 8.30MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The new upbeat ending that began airing with episode 26! This one mostly showcases official art from the series, and introduces all the main characters (dancing metools!)
Rockman.exe Eye Catch: Cube Toss!
[ File Size: 875KB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Out of all 3 commercial breaks made for this series, this one was absolutely the best. There's nothing like a chibi Blues raising a fist and yelling "Shak-in!" after being tossed around in a cube. XD
Rockman.exe 3 (Battle Network) Commercial
[ File Size: 3.46MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Promotional commercial made for the Battle Network EXE 3 game in Japan, this one features awsome animation and voices from the anime! A climatic battle between Rockman and Blues at the N1 Grand Prix.