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Enzan & Yaito: The Elevator Scene (Episode 20)
[ File Size: 2.61MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : For the first time we finally get to see Enzan break his stone barrier and show some actual emotion. Yaito's so stunned by it that it leaves her speechless. Can't say I blame her. :P
Install Your Heart! (Episode 27)
[ File Size: 1.75MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The girls of Rockman.exe (including Madoi and Mariko-sensei!) show off their stuff as the perform Aki-chan's song, "Install Your Heart".
All Guys Secretely Love to Dress Up (Episode 27)
[ File Size: 2.20MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : After all the girls in Aki-chan's idol outfit are kidnapped, Netto has a bright idea on how to rescue them. Mental note: Dekao in a skimpy idol outfit = scary. Poor Iceman also throws an almighty tantrum about the situation.
Glyde: Take it Like a Man! (Episode 20)
[ File Size: 283KB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The funniest commercial break EVER. Here we finally hear Glyde attempt to stand up for himself against "Yaito-sama", only to prove once again, that he really is in fact.....a pansy.
Shining....~! I'm Shining....~! (Episode 19)
[ File Size: 2.50MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Imagine a really awful and annoying Power Ranger. Imagine a really awful and annoying Power Ranger who sings his own theme song. And then you have: Shiningman! The most annoying navi -ever-.
Aqua-Sword Tastes Like Pocky! (Episode 38)
[ File Size: 3.00MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Ever wanted to see a really evil blade-licking Rockman? Well the Cutman Brothers have answered your sick-minded prayers with a retelling of their somewhat biased version of Cutman's fateful battle.