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Devil Roll: Pure Evil (Episode 19)
[ File Size: 4.92MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : A faulty chip provided by the World 3 transforms the cute and sweet Roll into a wicked devil. Unfortunately for Rockman, she now has absolutely no problem in trying to delete him for good.
Let the Best Navi Win (Episode 22)
[ File Size: 8.00MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The climatic battle for the championship of the N1 Grand Prix between Rockman and Blues. By far the best battle I've seen yet for this entire series.
Rockman Says Goodbye (Episode 22)
[ File Size: 4.84MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : After the end of the final battle of the N1 Grand Prix, a startling event occurs. Rockman saves Blues' life by pushing him out of harms way from a surprise attack, but suffers fatal consequences himself.
Nothing Left to Lose (Episode 51)
[ File Size: 5.65MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Gospel's reign of terror has reached its max, and the bug infection inside of Rockman finally takes control. The end result is a catastrophic showdown between the net's strongest virus and the most terrifying Navi in existance.
Always Together.... (Episode 51)
[ File Size: 6.56MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Rockman's soul is hidden away deep inside him, as he goes out of control and loses all sense of reality. However, Netto refuses to lose his best friend to the pain and chaos. The Gospel Arc series finale!
Final Battle: The Life Virus! (Episode 56)
[ File Size: 4.16MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This clip comes from the very last episode of the second season. For some reason they thought it a good idea to suddenly cram the Life Virus into the last 5 minutes of a Ghost Busters spoof episode. O_o *blinks*