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One of the greatest features about being a fan of this series, is the massive amount of ways we can celebrate our fandom and love for Rockman. People find different ways to go about expressing their fandomness, some go the route of cosplay (Japanese term for costume play, mostly done at Anime conventions), or by collecting a massive amount of toys, or creating unusual artwork. Found here are pictures submitted by fans, so share their enthusiasm with everyone else who is also a Rockman fan.

Feel free to submit to this section! Anything fan related is accepted. All that I ask is that the pictures that you submit are your own (do not send me a picture you found on the internet). E-mail me at with your submissions! This section is open to any theme relating to Rockman, not just the EXE series.

((- cosplay gallery -- otarockman -))

Blues Puppet! Data & Servbot Tabby & Enzan X, Forte, Blues, & Dr. Light Blues & Dr. Light Enzan
Forte Bill / Forte.exe Zero, Metool, Forte, Blues & Enzan! Huge Rockman group at Otakon 2002 Zero
OtaRockman 2003 Gospel! H. Hecxz / Higure Asul / Rockman Ryouko / Ciel Ryouko / Ciel
Commander Beef Blues Rozelynn / Roll Gutsman.exe Tron Bonne Metool!
Tron, Metool, Forte, & Enzan Zero TragnumEXE / Atsuki Suraida / Enzan Suraida / Enzan
OtaRockman 2004 OtaRockman 2004 OtaRockman 2004 OtaRockman 2004
Ryouko / Ciel AMZ / Shuryou Izumi / Rockman Talec / Elecman Core / Netto Terra / Roll Beef vs. Higure
Ray / Blues Commercial! Netto & Enzan Netto Netto Barrel Laika
Ryouko / Enzan Ryouko / Enzan Ryouko / R Roll Colt / Hinoken Colt / Hinoken Rockman Jace / Count Elec
Colt / Hinoken & Jace / Count Elec AnimeFEST 2005 Zero Higure Axl X
Izumi / EXE5 Pride OtaRockman 2005 OtaRockman 2005
Robo / Lumine Cyber Elf Martina Trish /
EXE5 Pride
ACME-Rian /
ACME-Rian /
Sigma Dingo
Ryouko /
Tabby &
Tabby &
OhayoCon 2006

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