Rockman.exe Online Tri-Monthly Contest #2
Create Your Own Rockman Style Change!

I was so very impressed with all of the entries that I received, thank you so much everyone! No two entries were alike, each one was unique and creative. It made choosing a winner above them all very hard! Congrats to all of you for such wonderful submissions, and special congrats to the winners, you guys deserve it!

Please click on the thumbnail image to be taken to a new page with a larger scan, as well as the artist's description of their style.

Each contest entry was judged by the following two factors:

1) Creativity was the biggest issue, I wanted to see something unique and different. The abilities that you gave your style change also aided in bringing out the realism of your creation, and to give me a better idea of what your style change can do.

2) The artwork presentation of your style change. Yes, this was partly a fanart contest. However the ability to draw extremely well was not required, I only put the artwork requirement in this contest so that we could see firsthand what your style change would look like. However, how much time and thought you put into your creation was taken into account.


Aqua Matrix Style
By AquaRockX
Cyber Fury Style
By Prime92
Dark Style
By MH Alia
Dragon Style
By Meta

Golfboy Style
By Marisa
Golfboy Style
By Marisa
Metal Blaster Style
By Powerman.exe
Pheonix Style
By Tabby

Royal Style
By RubyChan
Rush Style
By Hardcore Hexcz
Seer Style
By PlaguedOne
Sword Style
By Vince
Tenshi Style
By Jean

Wind Guts Style
By Mari
Wind Guts Style
By Mari
Yami Style
By Malik-chan
Ying-Yang Style
By StealthKnight

Do not steal these images! All artwork here belongs to their respectful owners.
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