Aqua Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 30, "Love Love Aquaman!"

Following Appearances: Stream Episode 13

Activation: Burnerman is sent out on a mission to delete Rockman, determined to exact his revenge for being defeated not once, but twice before. Unfortunately, Aquaman gets caught in the middle of all of this, when he becomes very attached to his new best friend, Rockman. ^_^;

During the battle, Rockman finds himself getting burned by Burnerman's powered up attacks. Aquaman comes in at the last second to save his life, by bestowing him with the best gift of all: a Soul Unison!

Special Attributes: The name of this Soul Unison speaks for itself, obviously it's strong ability is going to be water based. The effects of Aqua Soul on Burnerman was absolutely fatal, even though he was powered up by a Dark Chip.

Gained Attacks: None used so far, but all Aqua based battle chips are boosted in strength.

Disadvantages: The aqua based element is very weak against electrical based attacks or enemies.