Blues Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 27, "Decisive Battle! Nebula Base"

Following Appearances:
Axess Episodes 28, 46
Stream Episodes 2, 5, 13, 21

Activation: When Shademan becomes disowned by Nebula, he decides to take out his anger on the only humans remaining on the now deserted boat tanker: Netto and Enzan. Their navis are unfortunately no match for the powerful Shademan, thus Netto resolves that he must use a Dark Chip in order to save their lives.

However, Enzan takes fate into his own hands when he steals the chip from Netto, and uses it on Blues instead. The effects of the chip gives Blues the power he needs to defeat Shademan, but it also destorys his soul in the process. Just before he's completely possesed by the demonic powers, Blues gives the last of his strength to Rockman, and activates Blues Soul.

Special Attributes: Blues is probably the most powerful navi in comparison to Rockman himself. Having always been a strong ally, the combination of the two is the creation of an almost unbeatable force. Rockman gains the default weapon of Blues' sword, as well as his Sonic Boom attack. His speed and defense are also increased immensly.

Gained Attacks: Sonic Boom (sword attack)

Disadvantages: Blues Soul has no elemental value, therefor there are basically no weaknesses to be found.