Dark Soul Blues

Episode Premiered In: Episode 28, "Shaking Heart"

Following Appearances: Episodes 29, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41, 46, 47, 48, 49

Activation: In the same episode in which Rockman gained Blues Soul, a great tragedy also occured. Enzan was forced to slot-in the Dark Chip in order to save their lives from Shademan, but this action lead to the destruction of Blues' very soul. The end result was the creation of an entirely new navi, Dark Soul Blues.

Oddly enough, DS Blues remembers his past relations with Enzan, but he absolutely hates him. DS Blues will do anything within his own power to utterly destroy his former operator. In fact, he'll destroy or kill just about anything in his path. DS Blues gains a high rank among the Dark Loids, standing just barely underneath Laserman himself.

Special Attributes: Thanks to the new Dark Soul, Blues gains a whole new arsenal of attacks. Primarily though, he receives a very strong Dark Aura which gains him an immense amount of power.

Gained Attacks: No attacks are really "named", however in his final episode he receives a rather impressive looking energy gun attached to his arm. Basically though, he uses the default sword on his right arm as his primary weapon.

Disadvantages: Although the Dark Aura is strong, Blues' original heart still lays dormant within him.