Full Synchro

Episode Premiered In: Episode 51, "The Place Where Light Reaches"

Following Appearances: none

Activation: Dr. Regal has created a Dimensional Area to trap the entire world, and now he's on a rampage of destruction after Cross Fusing with his navi Laserman! Rockman and Netto try to stop him, but find themselves quickly beaten down and out of commission.

While laying motionless on the top of a building, Rockman hears the voices of all the navis that were sacrificed for Dr. Regal's Dimensional Converters. Gathering their offered strength into his very own body, Cross Fusioned Netto and Rockman go to take on Dr. Regal once again: this time in Full Synchro!

Special Attributes: Full Synchro means that Rockman and Netto are completely synchronized while in Cross Fusion. Because of this, their power is at its max, as well as any other battle attributes such as speed and their natural responses.

Gained Attacks: Charged Shot is powered up to unbelievable levels, as well all of Netto and Rockman's other attributes.

Disadvantages: Absolutely none, Full Synchro is pretty much a giant can of whoopass.