Misaki/Prisman Cross Fusion

Episode Premiered In: Episode 34, "Search for the Suspect Prisman"

Following Appearances: none

Activation: Misaki was actually the very first human to ever perform Cross Fusion. We saw this in Episode 1 of Axess, only we did not learn Misaki's name until much later in the series. Unlike Netto however, he failed at Cross Fusion, and was no longer allowed to use the Synchro Chip.

When Misaki returns much later, he is fooled by the promises of the evil organization, Nebula. They offer him a "Dark Synchro Chip", which allows him to overcome his inability to use Cross Fusion. Sadly though, the effects of the Dark Chip take over his mind, and take a devastating toll on his physical body.

Special Attributes: Cross Fusion can only be initiated when Misaki's surroundings are covered by a "Dimensional Area" dome. This feature merges both the net and real life together, thus allowing navis to transfer to the real world. Cross Fusion allows Misaki and Prisman to merge into one being, and fight together.

Gained Attacks: None, Misaki still uses Battle Chips as usual, which are slotted into his PET before he initiates the Cross Fusion transformation.

Disadvantages: Misaki's case was a unique one, in which he used a Dark Synchro Chip in order to gain the Cross Fusion ability. Because of this, Misaki lost complete control of his own mind, and became rabidly evil. This also caused him to become hopelessly addicted to Dark Chips, as well as his navi Prisman.