Dr. Regal/Laserman Cross Fusion

Episode Premiered In: Episode 51, "The Place Where Light Reaches"

Following Appearances: none

Activation: In the final stages of his plan, Dr. Regal creates a Dimensional Area large enough to cover the entire world. With the entire planet now within his grasp, he uses a Dark Synchro Chip in order to literally fuse himself with his navi, Laserman.

This ended up being a unique situation, in which Dr. Regal performed Cross Fusion, then melded himself into a gigantic robotic version of Laserman. The end result was a Godzilla sized rampaging navi that is controlled by Dr. Regal.

Special Attributes: R Laserman gains all of the original navi's attacks, which are quite powerful indeed.

Gained Attacks: Cross Laser, Star Break Laser

Disadvantages: Laserman is non-elemental, meaning he really doesn't have a weakness.