Guts Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 9, "Dekao Has Returned"

Following Appearances: Episodes 13, 37, 46

Activation: Going against Netto's warning, Dekao and Gutsman seek out Burnerman to stop his rampage. As Rockman arrives at Gutsman and Burnerman's battle, Gutsman is obviously on the losing side. When these two old friends pair up, Burnerman becomes the first unfortunate victim to receive a pounding by Guts Soul!

Special Attributes: Even though this style has no elemental attribute, it doesn't need one! Guts Soul empowers Rockman with a great deal of strength and defense, which is Gutsman's natural ability. Surprisingly enough, Rockman is also able to keep his lightning speed when in battle as well.

Gained Attacks: Rocket Guts Punch, Shock Wave

Disadvantages: Like Roll Soul, there is not much here that leaves Rockman at a disadvantage. Since Guts Soul is non-elemental, there are no weak points to exploit.