Roll Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 4, "Soul Unison!"

Following Appearances:
Axess Episode 6, 10, 37, 46
Stream Episode 10

Activation: Roll Soul was Rockman's first Soul Unison style change to receive. When Rockman was almost deleted by Flashman, Roll threw herself in front of him to take any further attacks. This noble act initiated a link between them, and Roll Soul was born.

Special Attributes: If you've played the Battle Network games, you know that Roll's special ability is to attack a foe, then heal Rockman. Likewise in the anime, when Rockman changes into Roll Soul, his hitpoints are increased dramatically, enabling him to withstand a number of attacks unscathed.

Gained Attacks: Roll Arrow (bow & arrow attack)

Disadvantages: None that I have seen so far, Roll Soul is powerful both defensively and offensively. Some people are rather unhappy that it makes Rockman pink, however. :P