Search Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 19, "Search Soul!"

Following Appearances:
Axess Episode 20, 51
Stream Episode 5, 21, 41

Activation: Searchman and Rockman find themselves struggling during a battle with the Dark Loid Desertman. Searchman goes so far as to disobey his strict operator Laika's orders, and saves Rockman's life. The consequences land Searchman badly injured, so he lends his strength to Rockman so that he may defeat Desertman once and for all.

Special Attributes: Search Soul allows Rockman to have precise vision when aiming, enabeling him to see things that would normally be unaccessable. He also gains Searchman's signature Scope Rifle, giving him an enormous amount of firepower.

Gained Attacks: Warp Gun

Disadvantages: Since Search Soul has no elemental attributes, there is nothing to exploit.