Thunder Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 37, "Mysterious Masked Navi"

Following Appearances: none

Activation: Enzan and Raoul team up together in order teach Netto a lesson: he's been far to full of himself lately. ^_^; So they dress Thunderman up in a disguise, and pretend to be a Dark Loid. Netto and Rockman of course accept their fake challange, only to find themselves in a very tough battle.

In the middle of their fight, a REAL Dark Loid attacks! Rockman quits to go fight Swordman instead, but is too weak from his previous battle to win. When Thunderman's real identity is revealed, he bestows upon Rockman his Soul Unison so that Rockman can gain the upper hand.

Special Attributes: Thunder Soul is obviously very strong against aqua type enemies (primarily Coldman). Rockman's entire body pretty much becomes a walking lightning rod. XD

Gained Attacks: Thunder Bolt

Disadvantages: The electric attribute is strong against aqua types, but is enevitably weaker against earth based attacks.