Wind Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 38, "Flying to Shiisaa Island"

Following Appearances: Episode 46

Activation: Nebula becomes interested in an anciet shrine artifact that belongs to Shiisaa Island. When it is stolen, a giant storm begins to threaten all who live there!

It's up to Windman and Rockman to stop Yuriko and Needleman from causing ultimate destruction to their Wind Shrine and home. Wind Soul is definately my favourite when it comes to looks and design. <3

Special Attributes: Wind Soul doesn't seem to have much extra added into it, at least in the anime. It's default attack is particularly strong, however.

Gained Attacks: Fuujin (Wind) Racket

Disadvantages: Wind Soul is an air element (at least, it is in the games >_>;), so I'm not quite sure what it's weak against. O_o