Wood Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 39, "Go to Hell by Train?!"

Following Appearances: Episode 46

Activation: Saloma returns in this episode, when Sparkman begins to take over various trains by the orders of Nebula. Netto and Rockman just happen to be upon one of those said trains that gets assaulted.

Conveniently enough, Woodman's element is very strong against Sparkman's attacks. He pretty much uses himself as shield to protect Rockman from harm, which eventually leads to their Soul Unison.

Special Attributes: Wood Soul offers Rockman a great defense against electrical attacks or enemies, and it's very strong offensively as well!

Gained Attacks: Bamboo Sword, Woody Tower, Side Bamboo

Disadvantages: While it's strong against electricity, Wood Soul is highly vulnerable towards fire based attacks.