Greiga Beast Out

Episode Premiered In: Episode 1, "Beyondard"

Following Appearances: Episodes 6, 7

Activation: Two cyber beasts have broken free from the "other world" known as Beyondard. At this same time, a little childlike navi called Trill also emerges from Beyondard, though he has no memory of his true purpose.

Rockman takes Trill into his care, but he must also face against Greiga and Falzer. When he does so in the cyber world, a strange reaction occurs as Trill merges himself with Rockman's very own body. The end result is the very powerful "Beast Out" transformation, one style for Greiga's traits and a different one for Falzer.

Even though Rockman is nearly unstoppable in this form, he has no control over it, and it causes utter chaos. Time will only tell if Rockman and Netto can come to terms with this new power, and to understand Trill's secrets as well.

Special Attributes: While Falzer gives Rockman flight, Greiga grants upon Rockman sheer brute strength. Much like the dog he resembles, Rockman can slice through anything in his path with his claws.

Gained Attacks: none named so far

Disadvantages: Much like the Bug Style, Rockman has no control of his own actions. This means he will attack absolutely anything in sight, even his own friends.