Aqua Custom

Episode Premiered In: Episode 45, "Lets Go to the Moon!"

Following Appearances: Episodes 51, 56

Activation: Rockman first used this style change with the combination of an "Extra Code", during a battle with Planetman. The merging of the two used an enormous amount of Rockman's energy, which was dangerous to his health, but gave him incredible power in exchange.

Special Attributes: Aqua Custom allows Netto and Rockman to use a consecutive amount of the same battle chips together, to perform Program Advances very easily. This style also gives Rockman a water based offensive, and is strong against fire.

Gained Attacks: Program Advances: Hyper Burst (Spread Gun x 3), Megadeus Burst (Spread Gun x 5)

Disadvantages: The aqua element is weak against lighting based attacks. This style change also depends highly on the operator's assitance, since Rockman needs battle chips to perform the Program Advances.