Elec Brother

Episode Premiered In: Episode 31, "A Splended Curry Battle!"

Following Appearances: Episodes 33, 35, 40, 41, 42, 44

Activation: Rockman first received this style change while involved in a battle with all of the World 3. After nearly being cooked alive, Rockman uses the style change to merge with Iceman and cool things down a bit. This was Rockman's 3rd style change to receive.

Special Attributes: This style change is very unique in the fact that it allows Rockman to merge with the data of another navi, as long as the operator is willing. Rockman can then use both his own electrical attacks as well as the other navi's attacks to his own advantage.

Gained Attacks: Terra Volt, Rabi Ring, Rabi Ring Crusher, Lightning Blizzard (Iceman), Thunder Woody Tower (Woodman), Elec Aqua Tower (Roll), Heart Slash (Roll), Tama Shoot (Coloredman), Royal Wrecking Terra Volt (Knightman)

Disadvantages: Without a navi to merge with, this style's only special feature is it's extra electrical attacks. Otherwise Rockman's power remains basically the same.