Heat Guts

Episode Premiered In: Episode 25, "Revive! Rockman!"

Following Appearances: Episodes 26, 27, 29, 32, 38, 39, 44

Activation: Heat Guts was Rockman's first style change to ever receive. It first came into play when Rockman was facing off against Stoneman and Bomberman alone, at the very end of the first series.

Special Attributes: Heat Guts empowers Rockman with a rock hard punch and a whole lot of strength, which refers to the "Guts" attribute. This style also boosts up Rockman's fire defense, while making him particularly strong against grass type enemies.

Gained Attacks: Heat Guts Buster, Heat Guts Sword, Final Burner, Heat Guts Punch, Guuda, Royal King Heat Guts Buster (with Knightman)

Disadvantages: Heat Guts is weak against water type enemies or attacks. Other than this, there are no other known weaknesses.