Bug Style

Manga Premiered In: Volume #6

Following Manga Appearances: none

Activation: This is sort of an evolved form of Rockman's Saito Style. During a battle between Saito Rockman and Serenade, Rockman gets pummeled into the ground. When the dust clears, Rockman's body has obviously changed into the Bug Style form. This lasts until the end of volume #6.

Special Attributes: None that I can see, it seems to have the same attributes as that of Saito Style. Perhaps more light will be shed on this style change when the english version is released and I can comprehend what Serenade did to him. :P If anyone can read Japanese and has this volume, I would appreciate a clear explanation. ^_^;

Disadvantages: This style change is only temporary, it fades away at the end of volume #6.