Elec Brother

Manga Premiered In: Volume #3

Following Manga Appearances: Volume #4

Activation: At the end of volume #3, Pharoahman presented Rockman with a test: He would give him the ultimate power that he seeks, but only if he can prove himself worthy of it. Thus Rockman alone had to verse 4 versions of himself, all endowed with a specific style change.

Special Attributes: The Elec Brother Rockman is what we would call the...."genki" Rockman. It takes a truly genki happy person to smile like he does while trying to kill Rockman. :P He plays dirty by summoning copies of Rockman's friends like Roll and Blues to attack him unawares.

Disadvantages: None that I can tell, he basically fights by summoning other navis to do his bidding, rather than fight hand on hand.