Manga Premiered In: Volume #6

Following Manga Appearances: none

Activation: While fighting in the Ura Net, Enzan and Blues are greeted by the ultimate navi Serenade. The golden navi understands their wish to be as powerful as Rockman and Netto, and grants them a new 100% Synchronization style change called Muramasa.

Special Attributes: Muramasa is simular to Rockman's Saito power, in which it requires full synchronization between the operator and navi to occur. Blues is granted an all new "ninja" style of look, and also sports a handheld katana. This style change is also possible while Blues is in the real world, Blues and Enzan simply merge completely.

Disadvantages: Unlike Saito Rockman, Blues knows how to handle the power he has been granted. Thus no disadvantages are known at this time.