Saito Rockman

Manga Premiered In: Volume #3

Following Manga Appearances: Volumes #5. #6

Activation: Rockman was granted this "ultimate power" from Pharoahman. Netto and Rockman must go into 100% spirit synchronization to use it. Rockman and Netto are also able to fully merge into Saito Style while Rockman is in the real world. Saito Style is usually only used when the need is very great or when they are in extreme danger.

Special Attributes: Rockman is granted an extreme amount of strength and power. His defenses are also raised considerably.

Disadvantages: This power is very hard to control. When Rockman first received it, he completely lost his mind and went berserk. Netto's body was also left unconcious, because of the complete spirit synchronization with Rockman. Eventually they both learned to control the immense amount of power, but only after a long and hard trial of dealing with it.