Forte Cross Rockman

Episode Premiered In: Rockman.exe: The Program of Light and Darkness (Movie)

Following Appearances: none

Activation: This movie takes place right in the middle of Stream, and introduced both some key events as well as characters. Dr. Regal has come back from the dead, and has absorbed the deadly program called Nebula Grey in order to dominate the entire world.

Along the way, Forte becomes intertwined when Regal attempts to mind control him and then force him to attack Rockman and Colonel. Enraged that a human would use him so, Forte swears everlasting revenge. Thus when the final showdown comes before him, he strangely finds Rockman by his side as an ally.

Despite their efforts, both Forte and Rockman become ensnared into Regal's deadly grasps. Determined not to let humanity suffer, Rockman pleads with Forte to absorb his Ultimate Program and become strong enough to defeat Nebula Grey. Hardly passing up this prime chance, Forte agrees, and grabs hold of Rockman's very own soul.

Oddly enough, the end result is not what either of them expected. Forte becomes unable to control Rockman's program on his own, and a new being is born - Forte Cross Rockman! The battle against Nebula Grey is short and sweet, as FCR uses both his silver and gold forms when pummeling the giant beast into deletion.

After the ordeal, Regal attempts to suck FCR into an abyss of darkness. Forte pulls himself away from Rockman's data, and flings the half-concious navi to safety. Forte laughs insanely as he allows himself to fall into darkness. The world is safe once again, thanks to this odd (but powerful) union.

Special Attributes: No matter which way you say it, Forte Cross Rockman is nearly unstoppable. Nebula Grey doesn't even scratch him during the battle.

Gained Attacks: Hells Rolling, Darkness Overload, Tri-Buster,

Disadvantages: The only downside I can see is the possibility of the union becoming permanant, or the damaging of data. But since we'll probably never see this happen again in the anime, it's really hard to tell.