Yuriko/Needleman Cross Fusion

Episode Premiered In: Episode 21, "Dr. Wily's Daughter"

Following Appearances: Episodes 25, 31, 47, 50, 51

Activation: I included this here because the circumstances of Yuriko's Cross Fusion has changed drastically from Axess. Dr. Wily creates a normal Synchro Chip for his only daughter, which she uses to fight against the threat of the world annhilation.

Much like the other Cross Fusion members in Stream, Yuriko is marked with the Crest of Duo. No longer a servant of Nebula, Yuriko now stands on her own, and fights in the name of good.

Special Attributes: Cross Fusion can only be initiated when Yuriko's surroundings are covered by a "Dimensional Area" dome. This feature merges both the net and real life together, thus allowing navis to transfer to the real world. Cross Fusion allows Yuriko and Needleman to merge into one being, and fight together.

Gained Attacks: Needle Cannon, Needle Buster, Clear Needle

Disadvantages: If Yuriko and Needleman are ever arguing or not getting along together, Cross Fusion is not possible. The Operator and Navi MUST be in perfect harmony in order for the transformation to take place. Also, since Yuriko and Needleman merge, this brings Yuriko's body into possible danger, which cannot be repaired like a Navi's data.

Also, Needleman actually does have an element, so it may be that fire attacks would have a double harmful effect while Yuriko is in Cross Fusion.