Jasmine/Medi Cross Fusion

Episode Premiered In: Episode 42, "Below Duo's Comet"

Following Appearances: Episodes 45, 46, 48, 50, 51

Activation: This cute little pair serves as a great help in both the offensive and defensive areas. Besides chunking explosives at her enemies, Jasmine can also heal her allies in a number of ways.

Cross Fusion is bestowed upon Jasmine and Medi after Netto's synchro chip breaks, and the Darkloids begin to ravage the Earth. Even when fighting in mittens, Jasmine proves to be yet another fearsome female battler. Jasmine is also a holder of the Crest of Duo.

Special Attributes: Cross Fusion can only be initiated when Jasmine's surroundings are covered by a "Dimensional Area" dome. This feature merges both the net and real life together, thus allowing navis to transfer to the real world. Cross Fusion allows Jasmine and Medi to merge into one being, and fight together.

Gained Attacks: Healing Pulse, Healing Bomb

Disadvantages: If Jasmine and Medi are ever arguing or not getting along together, Cross Fusion is not possible. The Operator and Navi MUST be in perfect harmony in order for the transformation to take place. Also, since Jasmine and Medi merge, this brings Jasmine's body into possible danger, which cannot be repaired like a Navi's data.