Gyro Soul

Episode Premiered In: Episode 10, "Rhapsody in Pink"

Following Appearances: Episode 12, 41

Activation: Gyroman, Rockman and Roll find themselves in a rather tough battle against Asteroid Videoman. While Roll finds herself safe because she happens to be Narcy's favourite color, Rockman and Gyroman aren't so lucky. Therefor, it takes the combined strength of these two friends to finish off the battle in their favor.

Special Attributes: Because of the propeller on Gyro Soul's back, it gives Rockman the ability to fly.

Gained Attacks: While the propeller gives Rockman air time, it can also be detached and used as a weapon, appropriatly named "Propeller Cutter!" Rock also gains the default "Tornado Arm!" attack.

Disadvantages: Gyro Soul is wind based, which is considered a neutral element. Therefor it's neither strong nor weak against another type.