IRC Distribution

An alternative way to download our releases instead of Bit-Torrent, is through IRC. We reccommend a free-to-use client such as SysReset, which can be downloaded (- here -) All that's left then is to connect to the server, and join our channel! Here are some simple instructions and tips for connecting:

Channel: #PukuAnime OR #RockmanEXEOnline

- After you have downloaded and installed SysReset, open the program to begin the process of getting you started. The program by default is also called "mIRC", so don't worry about that. Once you open SysReset, a window will pop up. Make sure you are under the "Connect" option on the left side. Choose "Servers" from the list just under it.

- Pull down the "IRC Network" menu, and choose "SynIRC". This is the server which we use to host our channel. (or /server

- Alright! Now go back to the "Connect" first option on the left side. Your server choice should now be displayed. Next, fill out the appropriate blank boxes that ask for your information. Do NOT use your real name though! This will protect your identity. Just repeat your nickname if you wish, or make up something silly.

- Make sure that "Invinsible Mode" is checked, and that "New Server Window" is not checked. Once you get used to the program, you can come back to these and change to your personal preference. Once you're all done, click "OK" to connect!

- Once you are connected, type /join #PukuAnime, then press enter.

- You are now in our discussion channel! Congrats! Now it's time to download some goodies.

- It is considered polite to say a few words to us or introduce yourself before jumping straight for the downloads. Otherwise we might get a little huffy and condsider you a "leech". Be nice!

- Once you are aquainted, type !list and press enter. You will be responded by any "fserves" that are currently serving our files. Once you find one servering what you need, type in the /ctcp command. For example, if someone's advertisement says /ctcp Ryouko Gimme EXE!, type in that exact sentance and press enter.

- The /ctcp command will connect you directly to their server by a "DCC Window". Once you are here, type "dir" (without quotations). You will now see a list of the files that this person serves. Once you see the one you want, simply type /get filename.avi and press enter. Wallah! The send should start automatically. :)

- If you are having trouble, feel free to e-mail me at, or ask any of us in the channel. We will be happy to assist you!