Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When are you going to release the next episode?
Answer: Please keep an eye on our Progress page. Any info you need can be found there. Please do not e-mail us or harrass us in the irc channel with this question. We always appreciate your patience.

Question: The subtitles are missing in Beast+, what gives?
Answer: The subtitles are there, we promise. Since we are releasing Beast+ off DVD raws, the format is different to ensure the greatest quality. The subtitles are "softsubbed" instead of encoded directly into the file.

For PC users, we reccommend "Windows Media Player Classic - Home Cinema", it's free and has no issues playing MKV files ( You may need to update your codecs though, for which "K-lite Codec Pack" works brilliantly (

Mac users, your best bet is Quicktime with the Perian codec installed (