Wanted! Wanted!

Of course, we are always looking for dedicated people who wish to help us out on our projects. Below you will find a list of jobs that are currently open. Please send an e-mail to me (Ryouko) at fefnir@gmail.com if you are interested!

Translator: We hate to overwork our translators, so we are always looking for extras. If you would like to apply for this job, you must translate a test five minute clip. It will then be checked for accuracy. A good understanding of Japanese jokes/puns and traditions is also helpful.

Distro: We are looking for people who wish to help seed our torrents, or serve the latest releases on IRC via fserves. You must have a fast connection, and be available consistantly. If you are a seeder, we ask that you help keep older torrents alive when the rush is over. This will ensure that our files are always available. For IRC, you will be given our latest release ahead of time, so that you can help spread out the file at release date more quickly. These are more like "unofficial" positions, as they are not directly listed on our staff page. You will receive the most recent episode first though before the actual release, as a benefit.