Title: Rockman.EXE Beast
Length: 25 Episodes
Current Status: Complete
Summary: Two foreign cyber beasts known as Greiga and Falzer invade Netto's world, and begin causing havoc as they war against each other. Soon after, other beastisized enemies known as Zoanoroids begin to appear, adding to the mayhem. Netto and his friends must learn about an all new foe and even a mysterious new world in order to save their own from destruction! Add to that a cute toddler navi called Trill, and a beautiful young girl named Iris, and you're sure to be in for an exciting new adventure.

Title: Rockman.EXE Beast Plus
Length: 26 Episodes
Current Status: 100+ translated, current series being worked on.
Summary: After the events of Rockman.EXE Beast, Netto and his friends enjoy a time of peace. This is soon shattered as a new wave of beastisized enemies attack, though their purpose is unknown. A mysterious new navi reveals itself from the darkness, and his name is Zero!

Title: Rockman.EXE Stream
Length: 51 Episodes
Current Status: Will begin with WPP once we conclude Rockman.EXE Beast+.
Summary: A new enemy from outer space, who goes by the name of Duo, has given the residents of Earth a hard choice: Prove to him that they deserve to keep living, or face having their planet destroyed!