Statement from the Founder

I've been following the EXE anime ever since the very first season was airing on TV in Japan, all the way back in the summer of 2002. Three years and over 150 episodes later, the series hit its 4th installment, Rockman.EXE Beast, which debuted on October 1st, 2005.

All during this time, #WolfPackProductions has been dedicated to subtitling this anime from its early beginnings, even after it was licensed and released in a severly edited and dubbed format, with no original Japanese version available. However, the sheer length and volume of Rockman.EXE is difficult for one group to handle alone, since each season has continually run for over 50 episodes.

Halfway through the broadcasting of Beast, I came to the decision to begin work on Puku Anime. When I proposed the idea to my good friend Izumi, who is part of #WPP, there some hesitations due to my inexperience and lack of staff. So, with a lot of discussion and planning, it was decided to subtitle Beast as a joint project between Puku Anime and #WolfPackProductions!

I am extremely grateful for #WPP's support and assistance, thank you so much! We all hope to bring the fans a quality fansub that everyone can enjoy.

Ryouko, founder of Puku Anime and webmistress to Rockman.exe Online.