Thank Yous

There are so many people who have given their support towards this project, and helping along every step of the way. I want you all to know that I appreciate every single bit of what you all do for me and this project!

Hydroman and NumberGirl, your translations are what keeps the core of our project going. Thank you both so much for your dedicated efforts and wonderful skills!

To Izumi and the rest of the WPP team, I can't thank you guys enough for lending us your support and team members to help a newbie group like us along the way. I hope what we can offer to you meets up to your expectations! It's our goal to release a quality sub that is equal to your awesome releases that you have been providing fans with for years.

Thank you to all the fans who download and enjoy our subs! It's my hope that this will help spread the love for Rockman further around the globe. Thanks so much!