Rockman.exe Online Tri-Monthly Contest #2 Winners
Create Your Own Rockman Style Change!

1st Place
Tenshi Style by Jean
Prize: Rockman & Blues plushies & e-mail address

I felt that this one entry alone pulled out all the stops in both areas of this contest. The style description alone is detailed and fascinating, and gives a very good idea of what this style change does. An angelic version of Rockman was a very different and interesting idea, which I greatly appreciated. The fact that the wings and halo provided to be both points of great power and weakness was in itself an idea that was very well thought out and unique. Even without discussing our choices beforehand between the judges, everyone unanimously agreed that this entry was the best. Congrats, Jean!

2nd Place
Golfboy Style by Marisa
Prize: Gutsman plushie & e-mail address

This was probably the most original and amusing entry I received out of all the bunch. It made me glad that one contestant was not afraid to be absolutely goofy and just go nutty with their style change! And for that factor, this was one entry that absolutely stood out from the rest. Congrats, Marisa! And watch out for those golfballs, Rockman...

Royal Style by RubyChan
Prize: e-mail address

Just the name "Royal" implies that it's a style that's both special and hard to obtain. ^_^; Unlike most of the other entries received, this was a style that was very hard to accomplish and to even hold for any length of time. But if you do obtain this style, Rockman becomes one of the most powerful Navis on the net. I found this style change to be very unique and exciting, because you know that if you were that gamer, you would be busting your ass just trying to get such a kick-butt and cool style change! This was also one of the most beautiful pieces that I received, which ranked the strongest in the artwork catagory among the entries. Congrats, RubyChan!

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