Artwork by TabbyKitsu, please do not steal!

The infamous duo of "Rock & Roll" appears once again in the Rockman saga. In the original games, Rockman and Roll were siblings, along with Blues/Protoman. In the Rockman.exe chapter however, this is not so. Since these characters are now net-navi programs and not robots, they are all unique individuals. This opens up the possibility for relationships between the characters.

The fact that Rockman & Roll are very good friends and care about each other is always evident. They watch each other's backs and are found often chatting together along with Gutsman (as Netto, Dekao and Meiru are always together). I find it funny that Gutsman has a huge crush on Roll, just as Dekao does on Meiru. The second battle against Fireman in Episode 8 is perhaps one of my most favourite episodes so far. Roll decides to take on Fireman alone to prove herself, though she is far outmatched in power. When Rockman comes to her rescue, it ends up being an even battle, and even Roll ends up saving the day in the end. Rockman and Roll's reconsilation after the battle is so very touching.

These two make the cutest friends! Perhaps someday something may come of Netto & Meiru (they certaintly imply it), so who knows about Rockman and Roll. More and more as the series progresses, we're given a few glimpses of how these two constantly get along, and are always there for each other no matter what.

Here are a few adorable screencaps of Rockman and Roll together from Episode 32. I love how Roll is completely attached to Rockman's poor arm. ^_^;; Roll is showing Rockman around Internet City, when it was opened for the very first time. Because Rockman had been away on a trip with Netto, they were unfamiliar in the new terrotory. Roll does everything she can to keep Rock's full attention on their "date". ^_^

Through their trials in the last episodes of the first season, Roll had thought that she had lost Rockman for good. Their reunion in episode 25 was very heartfelt, both being very glad to be together once again. "I'm so glad...I'm so glad, Rockman!" "Roll-chan..." It's not often we see Rockman actually blush, but if there were ever an occasion, this would be it. It seemed fitting that Roll was the first to welcome him back home.

In Episode 41 of EXE, everyone's navis are transformed into nekos (cats) due to a virus that's been let loose in the virus world. Both Netto and Meiru are quite shocked when they experience Rockman and Roll's transformations firsthand. ^_^; Don't they look cute together?! During battle, Rockman style changes to Elec-Brother and borrows one of Roll's hearts to perform the "Heart Slash!" attack. Silly, but cute. ^_^

At the end of the second season, both humans and navis alike are faced with trials and hardships once again. As the group progresses into the final stages of the plot, Roll turns to Rockman for comfort and support. "Rockman......" "Roll-chan? In this scene, they are confronted with a multitude of imprisoned navis, who are to be used as food for the giant beast called Gospel.

Whenever Rockman style changes to Elec-Brother, he's given the ability to merge with another Navi and to inherit their special attacks. Interestingly enough, the symbol on his chest only changes when he merges with Roll-chan, but never with any other navi.

Everyone was surprised when the new series, Rockman.exe Axess, began in October of 2003. We all gladly welcomed back our blue hero, and his pink-clad friend! Thankfully not much had changed between the two, as Roll remains absolutely stuck to Rockman's side every chance she gets. ^_^;

In Rockman.exe Axess, Rockman's style changes are replaced with a transformation called "Soul Unison". In episode 4, Rockman received his first Soul Unison, when Roll-chan tried to save him from being deleted. Their spirits resonated, and Rockman received her powers in "Roll Soul", which bestows upon him an enormous amount of hit points, and a new weapon: "Roll Arrow!"

I realize this section is for Rockman and Roll, but I just couldn't leave out this very cute moment between Netto and Meiru. Very rarely do we ever get to see Netto not making a complete idiot of himself. In this scene, he has just rescued Meiru from a devestating fall midair, after just finishing a battle with Swordman. Their first date together was ruined by the Darkloid's abrupt attack on the amusement park they were attending. Meiru is so relieved by Netto's concern that she nearly breaks out in tears. I absolutely loved this episode in Axess, it reveals that these two have been very close ever since their early childhood.

Of course, since Meiru and Netto finally got to go out on their very first date, then why not Rockman and Roll too?! Roll absolutely loves this chance to be with Rockman in a situation like this. Rock, of course, remains pretty darn clueless as to what is going on. That doesn't seem to bother Roll at all though. :)

In Episode 30 of Axess, Aquaman becomes infactuated with Rockman after he is saved from a rabid navi in Net City. After this event, Aquaman absolutely refuses to leave Rockman's side no matter what! This of course doesn't sit well with Roll at fact it absolutely infuriates her. When Aquaman still refuses to let go, Roll gives up and just attaches herself to Rockman as well. ^_^; The poor guy.

I think this scene takes the cake for my absolutely favourite moment between these two. Roll becomes frightened when she realizes that she and Rockman have to jump down this really gigantic hole. All of sudden, roses pop up around her, and Rock takes her hands in his! Rockman tells her that everything will be okay, he's right by her side. This of course makes Roll incredibly happy, and she cheerfully jumps to hug him - which causes the two to fall right off the ledge. ^_^;;

In Episode 24 of Stream, new chips called "Design Chips" are introduced by Yaito's company. Rockman finds himself bewildered when Netto's chip puts him in a pretty white tux. Things become clear however when Roll-chan pops up by his side, fancied out in her very own wedding dress! Even Glyde comments that the two look like a "happy newlywed couple". ^_^ Rock takes this the wrong way, which upsets Roll, and she ends up stomping on his foot. XD Absolutely hilarious and so very cute at the same time.