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Season 1

In the year of 20XX, a young boy by the name of Netto Hikari receives a very special gift as he enters the 5th grade. His very own customized net navi, Rockman! Despite Rockman's small size and far more responsible personality, the two boys quickly become the best of friends. A net navi is designed to guide his operator from the inside of his or her PErsonal Terminal, or simply PET for short. Children and adults alike enjoy friendly "Net Battles", where they spar their navis against each other to prove their worth.

The peace of society is shattered when a criminal organization known as the World 3 (WWW) emerges from the shadows. Working under the infamous Dr. Wily, subordinates Kenichi Hino, Madoi Iroya, Elec Hakushaku, and Mahajarama cause utter chaos. Their respective net navis Fireman, Coloredman, Elecman and Magicman obey their masters commands, becoming the representation of evil in cyber form.

Even with the daily threats of the World 3, life must continue as usual. The N1 Grand Prix Net Battle Tournament begins, and Netto finds himself pitted against a rival who is hailed as a net battling prodidy: Enzan Ijuin! Heir to the notorius and wealthy IPC hardware company, Enzan considers his net navi Blues simply a tool to acheive his rightful title as the best net battler in the world.

The battles wage on, and despite interferance by the World 3, the tournament reaches it's finale as Netto and Enzan showdown for the ultimate title. In the end, despite Netto and Rockman's best efforts, Enzan and Blues emerge victorious. Before congratulations can be offered however, the mighty net navi Pharoahman appears, and deletes Rockman, who sacrifices his life to protect Blues! Enzan is left to ponder if perhaps net navis are more than just data, as he witnesses Netto's despair.

Pharoahman is a net navi of ultimate destruction, and is vengeful against the human race for locking him away 20 years ago. Netto watches helplessly as Pharoahman claims himself king of the world, unable to stop it thanks to losing his closest friend; Rockman. However, the rest of his friends and family won't let him give up so easily! Netto's father, Yuuichirou Hikari, returns from his expeditions to help revive Rockman from the grave of deletion.

With everyone's aid, including Enzan's, Rockman is brought back to life, and teams up with Blues to put a stop to Pharoahman's reign. Before Pharoahman can be completely destroyed however, Dr. Wily appears and steals the damaged net navi back to his hideout! Rockman manages to follow their path, and goes to fight alone. In the darkness of the World 3's lair, Rockman must fight Dr. Wily's top two navis, Bomberman and Stoneman. Yuuichirou reveals that Rockman has a new hidden power to reveal - the Style Change! With the miraculous transformation of Heat Guts, Rockman deletes both of Wily's subordinates.

As for Pharoahman - he rejects Dr. Wily's offer to join his evil side, refusing to be commanded by a mere human. Out of spite, Pharoahman self detonates, resulting in the ultimate destruction of Wily's hideout, and perhaps of the scientist himself. With the World 3 obliterated, peace once again returns to Densan City.

Season 2

As a reward for placing second in the N1 Grand Prix, Netto is given a trip around the world! From Jawaii, to Kingland, to Namaste, Netto experiences a handful of new places and people along the way. As he returns back home, his good friend Meiru introduces him to a new revelation to the cyber world: Internet City! A world created entirely for net navis.

The followers of World 3 have since left their path of destruction, and even Wily's four subordinates have taken up the life of the resturaunt business. Their new curry speciality is being served at Maha Ichiban, lead by Mahajarama of course. However, things are not all that peaceful for very long. A new threat arises, by the name of Gospel. Vowing to be much stronger than the previous World 3, Shuryou leads a strong host of net navis bent on destroying the entire cyber world and the human way of life.

One by one incidents befall Netto's society, and each time the boy and his net navi Rockman pursue to stop them. Aided by his old friends and new, they are successful for a time. However, Gospel is leading up to something far bigger and more dangerous - the release of its ultimate virus beast. Net navis begin disappearing all over the world as Shuryou gathers food fodder for its new pet - including Enzan's net navi Blues.

It comes as a shock when it is revealed that Shuryou is actually only a mere robot, controlled by the once thought dead Dr. Wily! The old scientist glorifies his new success with Gospel, ordering his cyber beast (conveniently also called Gospel) to devour the three Ultimate Programs, each harbored inside a special net navi. Blues, Rockman.... and Forte.

Forte, a net navi who strives to become the strongest, and wreck his might upon the human race. Why? Because he carries the everlasting grudge once held by Pharoahman, whom he was born from by reconstructing the remaining shards of his broken data. It just so happens that the giant beast Gospel is also in terms Forte's brother, who was born from the leftovers of Pharoahman's data as well. Their relationship holds no love however, as Wily orders Gospel to consume Forte entirely, which he does successfully, though not without a fight.

Leaving only Netto's unique navi left to devour, Rockman oddly begins to experience pains of a cyber bug infestation. Meijin Eguchi (Mr. Famous) believes when Rockman previously came into contact with Forte, a bug virus was spread, as Forte is notorious for consuming internet bugs for power. As Gospel begins his final attack on Internet City, determined to destroy it all, Rockman collapses and is taken away by his friends to safety.

Rockman's data slowly breaks apart, and Netto is left powerless once again. Gospel begins to reel his final assault - when suddenly Rockman dissappears completely! A strange phenomenon occurs when a strong burst of energy lands in front of the giant beast. It's Rockman! But something is terribly wrong, as Meijin reveals that the navi's data has been completely transformed into an all new style change - Bug Style.

Gospel and Bug Style Rockman begin their final battle, and it quickly becomes apparant that Gospel is far outmatched. Rockman makes quick work in deleting Gospel; but when he doesn't go back to normal the real terror begins. Rockman activates his new power of consuming bugs - and begins to break apart the entire cyber world! With Rockman absurdly out of control, Netto breaks the barrier between reality and the cyberworld, determined to bring his best friend back.

Calling out Rockman's name, Netto confronts the monster that has consumed Rockman. It takes all of Netto's strength to call Rockman back to his senses, and slowly, bit by bit, the bugs are released and the cyber world is finally restored back to normal. Not just the internet, but all of the previously consumed navis as well! As Rockman returns back to his PET safe and sound, Netto is overjoyed to be reunited once again.

Gospel crumbles to dust, and Netto is hailed as a savior once again, along with his net navi Rockman. Life returns to normal, and Netto's father Yuuichirou is hard at work in progressing the technology of the cyber world. In the final episode, he successfully merges the real world with the internet - creating a new era of possibilities. Is it truly for the best, though?


Netto's father Yuuichirou Hikari has made a scientific breakthrough by introducing the "synchro chips". If an operator and his or her navi are in a special enviroment known as a "dimensional area", they can fuse together in the real world via a technique called "cross fusion"! Yuuichirou's first test subject, Misaki Gorou, attempts the process and sadly fails. Netto offers to try with Rockman, but his father forbids it. Cross Fusion puts enormous strain on the operator's health, and battling in the real world could mean death.

A new threat reveals itself, and its first target is the Science Labs. The head Darkloid navi known as Shademan steals a handful of synchro chips, while his underling Beastman lays havoc to the lab itself. Netto braves the dangers of cross fusion with a left behind synchro chip, and surprisingly defeats Beastman. Research on cross fusion is put on hold until the labs can rebuild. Who are these Darkloids, who can create their own dimensional areas? Yuuichirou believes only Dr. Wily has that kind of intelligence, but he has not been seen since the end of Gospel.

Netto is granted permission to keep the synchro chip, on the condition that he devotes himself to the duties of being a Net Savior. As time goes on and the attacks continue, Enzan and Blues also come to their aid. Along their journey, other Net Saviors are met, including Laika and Searchman from the country of Sharo. Working as a team (though often butting heads), they put all of their efforts into stopping the Darkloids and their distribution of Dark Chips.

It seems the Darkloids are working for a new crime organization by the name of Nebula. The leader of this group is a great scientist that everyone had once trusted; Dr. Regal. Working alongside only one other human named Yuriko, these two strive for a dark world they can call their own.

Eventually it is proven that dark chips slowly break down a navis data, and corrupt it's identity program, or in other words its "soul". Previously the Darkloids had been using the dark chips to boost their own power, but one by one they begin to fall apart from the strain of corruption. As more and more of Shademan's followers fall onto the path of deletion, he begins to doubt in the man who supplied the chips in the first place, Dr. Regal.

Dr. Regal and Shademan's break of trust leads to a showdown on a tanker boat admist the sea. Netto and Enzan become ensnared as well, and their very lives are threatened when Shademan wants to blow them all to smitherines. In order to save them both and stop Shademan's tyraid, Enzan is forced to use a special dark chip on his very own navi, Blues. Even though they are saved by the extremity of the chip's power, Blues' soul is completely shattered, and he becomes corrupted enough to join the ranks of Nebula. Dr. Regal's net navi Laserman becomes the new master of the Darkloids in Shademan's place.

Meanwhile, past relations are revealed as Mariko-sensei realizes that her missing twin sister is actually alive - as Yuriko! Even more disbelieving, Regal himself is the adopted son of Dr. Wily. Nebula's final plans begin to spin into action. Enzan is forced to deal with his newly turned evil net navi Blues, who is bent on destroying his former operator. Netto and Rockman resolve themselves to bring Blues back to their side, no matter the cost.

It is soon discovered that Dr. Regal has been hiding all of this time on a secretely hidden satellite in outer space. Netto and his friends visit him personally, where Dark Blues intervenes and tries to stop them. When cross fusioned Netto and Dark Blues meet in battle, it is discovered that Netto has the power to drive out Blues' dark aura. However, the aura is too strong to repel completely. In the end, Dr. Regal escapes, as well as Dark Blues.

With this new information, it is decided to deal with Dark Blues before taking down Dr. Regal. Enzan envisions a plan where they will inject a vaccine chip into Dark Blues, which will break the dark aura inside of him. However, when the act is carried out, the vaccine chip fails! Having forseen this outcome, Enzan meets with Dark Blues directly, and forces him into cross fusion against his will. Thus, Enzan is pulled deep into the darkness of Blues' heart, where they confront each other for one final time.

Meanwhile, cross fusioned Netto must deal with the rabid monster that Blues has become in the real world, and attempt to weaken him by absorbing the dark aura. Enzan is attacked relentlessly in the deep recesses of Blues' heart, but he refuses to give up hope in his navi. Eventually a final showdown comences, and Enzan grasps Blues in his very own arms. Sensing at last Enzan's love for him, the spell of the dark aura is broken, and Blues' soul is set free. In the real world, cross fusioned Blues stands silently before Netto, finally calmed into peace.

After this ordeal, Enzan and Blues alike are out of commission as they recover in the hospital. It is left up to Netto in order to stop Dr. Regal's final plan! Regal launches his ultimate scheme - Regal Tower - which covers the entire world in a giant dimensional area! Shademan comes back from the depths of the cyber world, and uses Rush's materialization powers to transfer himself into the real world. However, Shademan's new reign of terror is quickly put to an end by Laserman, who brutally deletes him. Using this newfound power of the dark synchro chip, Regal cross fuses himself with a giant robotic version of his net navi Laserman, and begins to wreak havoc and destruction upon the Earth.

It is revealed that Dr. Regal's dimensional area has a very troubling power source - the sacrificed lives of many captured net navis. Rockman and Netto face Regal in battle, but are easily cast aside and defeated. Refusing to give up, Netto stares at the sky, as he hears the desperate cries of all of those whose lives were taken by force. Laserman is on his way to destroy the Science Labs, where the man he hates so much, Yuuichirou Hikari, resides. Netto, knowing he has no choice left, raises a single hand to the sky, calling upon those crying out to him. Together, along with Rockman, they call out "Power....we both have the power. The defeat Regal!" With those words, a bright light hits directly to the emblem on cross fusioned Netto's chest, and envolopes him in light.

Just as Regal prepares to deliver a hard blow to the science labs, a stab of an attack flies out of nowhere and hits him back! Before him he sees the lone glowing image of cross fusioned Netto, standing directly between him and the science labs. Inside the labs, Yuuichirou scans his son...realizing that he and his navi Rockman are in Full Synchro!

Indeed, with this newfound power, Netto and Rockman are nearly unstopable as they hail down upon Regal without mercy. In the cyberworld, Searchman has found the core of Regal's dimensional generators. So, along with Netto's ultimate charged shot, and Searchman's sniper gun, the two fire out a simultaneous shot - each destroying their targets completely! Regal screams out in anguish as he is destroyed, and the dimensional area around the world fades as the generators are shut down.

It is the end of Nebula's reign, and the world is set at peace once again. A beautiful comet hails in the sky as if a sign, along with a fantastic meteor shower. That very night, Netto and his friends place their wishes among the falling stars. Time will only tell if they would ever come true.


A comet burns in the sky, its brilliant light shining down upon the people of Earth. At that time, a giant army of viruses invade the real world, crushing everything in their path. Netto and Enzan use cross fusion to intervene, but are whisked away to an unknown location, only to be confronted by the one responsible for the attack - Duo!

Duo, along with his subordinate navi Slur, has deemed the Earth full of evil, and must be destroyed. It is said Duo's comet has soared through the galaxies for many years, passing along judgement as it goes.

However, Duo finds the ability of cross fusion interesting. This strong bond of a human and navi becoming one leads him to believe that humanity may not all be lost. It is then placed upon Netto to be the first to receive the Crest of Duo - a savior of the Earth.

One by one, new cross fusion members are found, each becoming a vital asset to protecting the world from the onslought of the Asteroid navis, evil beings released by Slur to test the hearts of humans. Forte also re-emerges, bent on absorbing all of the power he can to become an ultimate being. This greed confronts him with Slur, who sends him crashing deep into the undernet by hardly lifting a finger against him.

By much surprise, the daughter of Gauss Magnets arises as the head of a new crime organization - the Neo WWW. Tesla Magnets gathers followers who have received Asteroid navis from Slur, including Sunayama with Desertman, Narcy Hide with Videoman, Inukai Takeo with Beastman, and Saiko Rei with Flashman. These men devote themselves completely to Tesla, and together they wreak havoc on the community.

This series is rather unique in the fact that a movie was released during its run. The movie was integrated directly into the storyline of Stream, and introduced some key events.

Dr. Regal returns, after having his body digitized and cast down into the undernet at the end of Axess. While imprisoned there, he comes upon the dormant Dr. Wily Program, which harbors the terrifying beast Nebula Grey. Merging with this being, Dr. Regal comes back with a vengeance, determined to turn the entire world completely digital.

Forte and Rockman become entangled in Regal's scheme, and are eventually forced to make a difficult choice in order to defeat him and Nebula Grey. Rockman sacrifices his ultimate program to make Forte stronger, but the merging results in some interesting side effects - Forte Cross Rockman!

Combining their strength, Dr. Regal is defeated once again. While retreating, Regal states he will take them with him into the darkness. Forte seperates his data from Rockman, and flings him to safety, laughing insanely as he allows himself to be swallowed instead.

Despite this interuption, the war against the Asteroids and the Neo WWW still wages. By much surprise, a past vision sends the previously deleted Shademan back to the future. Still determined to cloak the world in Darkloids, Shademan plants his data on a rocket that will infest the world entirely like a plague with an army of Darkloids.

Rockman intervenes, but is biten on the neck by Shademan for his troubles. The Darkloid's bite infuses Rockman with a dark soul, turning him rabidly evil, until Netto can use a vaccine chip. The damage is done however, as Rockman's dark aura sperates entirely, and forms an all new being - Dark Rockman.

During this ordeal, Netto and Rockman become aquainted with new allies Barrel and Colonel. Although Barrel lives 20 years in the past, Colonel uses the aid of the past tunnels to fight by Rockman's side. With their help, Shademan's rocket is destroyed, and the Darkloid dies once again.

After a short period of time, Dark Rockman reveals himself from the shadows, commanding a small Darkloid army of his own. With the help of Darkloids Swallowman, Cosmoman, Cloudman and Blizzardman, the Neo WWW is destroyed. Under the direct orders of the digitally reborn Dr. Regal, Dark Rockman seeks the Crests of Duo to use as a key to gain the mysterious power of Duo's comet.

Eventually Dark Rockman succeeds in gaining the data of all 13 Crests, and heads towards the core of Duo's comet in order to gain entry. Rockman follows suit to stop him, but their encounter is not was he expects. Rockman unwilling experiences the emotions of Dark Rockman through a mental link - realizing Dark Rockman's lonliness and desire to not have to rely on a bond like what exists between Netto and Rockman.

Their final battle and confrontation goes sour when Slur intervenes, and stabs Dark Rockman from behind. Before he dies, Dark Rockman bids his other counterpart to leave him behind, and return to Netto. In the end, Dark Rockman attempts to take Slur with him by self-detonating his own body, but it barely scratches her. The last bits of Dark Rockman's data returns back to Rockman, as if wanting to no longer be alone.

After these events, Forte returns from the depths of the undernet, determined to strike Slur down once and for all. Slur expects the same Forte she battled at the beginning of their invasion, but her pride is her own undoing. During his absence, Forte has gained control of the powers of Nebula Grey - which he uses to ultimately defeat Slur. Having gained his victory and revenge, Forte dissappears into the darkness once again.

Although Dark Rockman failed, Dr. Regal takes over his steps by picking up where he left off - and gains all of the power of Duo's comet! Netto and his friends use both of Wily and Tadashi Hikari's technology to transport Barrel to their future timeline, so that all 13 Crest bearers can fight together in order to save the Earth. Using the power of cross fusion, the team faces against the monster that Dr. Regal has become one last time.

Watching all of them unawares, Duo makes the judgement that the future of human beings is hopeless and cuts Dr. Regal off from his power source completely. However, during his retreat, Regal grabs hold of Meiru and takes her with him! Leaving them no choice, Netto and the others jump into the space tunnel, following Regal back into the recesses of Duo's comet. The moment they leave their world, Duo carries out his judgement, and the Earth is destroyed.

Netto finds Meiru unharmed in the cyberworld of the comet, but Regal was not so lucky, as they spot his skeleton. The Cross Fusion members attempt to attack the form of Duo before them, but they are easily defeated. Duo then seperates the navis from the humans, cancelling out their Cross Fusion. Duo faces Rockman and his Net Navi companions, and tries to urge them to cast off their relation to mankind which chooses the path of downfall.

However, the navis will do no such thing. They still believe in humans, their friends, who would do anything for them so long as to protect them. Duo doesn't understand such feelings, and decides that they will die like all of the others.

Just then, the humans stand back to their feet as well, and defensively place themselves in front of their lifesized navis. Netto refuses to let Rockman be harmed, no matter the situation. Again, Duo does not understand. Barrel realizes this is so, and decides to try another tactic. It is understood that Duo's civilization also used a technique simular to Cross Fusion - and so Barrel offers himself to fuse completely with Duo. The overlarge being becomes very interested, as it could offer a way for him to understand these unusual "humans" and their navis.

Despite Netto's cries and protests, Barrel assures him that he and Colonel will be fine. "I'm the immortal Barrel!", he says, as he bids goodbye to his teammates. Together, Barrel and Colonel are absorbed into Duo, and a bright light envolopes all of the others. They soon find themselves back on Earth, which has been completely restored. Off in space, Duo's comet speeds away as a streak of light.

After a short reunion with Yuuichirou and Meijin, they receive a transmission - it's Barrel! Or at least, a much older version of him. It would seem he has enjoyed seeing many new galaxies and wonders during his travels with Duo. Again, he reassures Netto that he's fine, he's the immortal Barrel after all.

And so, another saga of Netto and Rockman's struggle against evil comes to an end. A new time of peace washes over the Earth - but just for how long will it last?

To be continued.........

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