Artwork by TabbyKitsu, please do not steal!

I am rather picky when it comes to Affiliates. I don't ask for one just because it may be a popular site and has lots of visitors, I chose sites that instead present a unique and interesting website that is enjoyful to visit. If you would like to become an affiliate of Rockman.exe Online, then these are the only guidelines:

1) Your site must concern or include Rockman (the anime, manga or games) in some form or fashion.
2) Your site must have a clean design that is easy to navigate and use.
3) No stolen images, text, or files must be found on your site, absolutely no exceptions.
4) My banner or link must be placed somewhere on your site, though not neccessarily on the front page.
5) Sites that are forums only will not be accepted. A message board is not a legit website.

If you feel you meet the qualifications, then please feel free to e-mail me at Please do not be dissappointed if I turn you down, I cannot accept everyone. However I will still add you to my regular link list, and I may change my mind later on as I watch your site grow and mature, so don't lost hope!

Wish to link this site?

Please feel free to use these banners! I would appreciate it if you would save the image files to your own server, though. If you wish to donate any banners, please do so. :)

Links to other Megaman/Rockman sites

--->> The Mega Man Homepage
                This is a great informative site on all of the Mega Man series! This author's fanfics are also wonderful to read.

--->> Wolf Pack Productions
                The primary fansubbing group who works on the Rockman.exe anime. Great quality!

--->> Bob and George, the Comic Strip!
                If you've never experienced the insanity that is Bob and George before, you must be living in a very deep hole.

--->> Reploids Among Us
                An awsome fan-interactive site! I got lost for hours within this site. ^_^; Go check it out!

--->> EraS
                A fan project that was begun to feature artists who are gifted in mimicing the official art style of the various Rockman series.

--->> Rockman X Scanlations
                Our prayers have finally been answered. These kind folks are fan-translating the X mangas.

--->> Rockman.exe Livejournal Community
                This is a great place for Rockman fans who have livejournals to gather!

If you wish to be added to my link list, feel free to e-mail me!
If a link becomes defunct or no longer exists, please let me know and I will remove it.