Lan and Lyne Time Line

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:40 am    Post subject: Lan and Lyne Time Line Reply with quote

As usual I have to place this item in here or risk the wrath of Capcom and others.


Megaman and other Capcom characters featured in this fiction are not mine but copyright of Capcom. There are some original characters those are mine and other members characters from here on REO.

Lan and Lyne Time Line

Story starts in the year 200X:

If we want to be specific Episode 1 begins in the Hikari home on July 14 200X: 0400

Below is a time line in order how the events of Lan and Lyne happen with some in general items that happen during those days, and character introductions. If you want to read more to get the full story please go to the following links below.

Lan and Lyne: Season One
L&L:S.2: Misadventures of Lyne and Bass (starts about 3/4 down the page)
Lan and Lyne: Season 3

July 14 200X: Season 1: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, first half of Episode 4
- Lyneís trip back to Japan starting technically in the states on the July 13 200X
- Lyneís 16th Birthday
- Megawoman.EXE is activated
- Lan, Megaman, Dr. Yuichiro Hikari, Haruka Hikari, Lyne, Combit, Megawoman, Yai, Glyde, Chaud Blaze, Protoman, Tory, Iceman, Dex, Gutsman, Mayl, Roll, Smith Family, Famous, Allegro, and Bass are introduced.

July 15 200X: Season 1: Second half of Episode 4, Episode 5
- ACDC Net Navi Tournament
- Chainman defeated round 1
- Jackie, Flashman, Tony Montana, Sandman, Mesu Niwa, Chainman, Maddy, Wackoman, Match, Dr. Wily Raika, and Searchman get introduced. Alexa gets an honorable mention.

August 10 200X: Season 1: Mentioned in Episode 5
- Raikaís leave starts

August 17 200X: Season 1:Episode 6
- Lyne gets sick
- Rush gets a honorable mention in this chapter

August 18 200X: Season 1: Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9
- Lyne goes to the Doctor
- Linkin Park Concert
- Alpha revealed
- Sister Program is completed
- A reunion of friends and family
- NetAngel Armor
- Rush, Tadashi Hikari, Guradian, and SDM1 get introduced

August 19 200X: Season 1: Episode 10
- Data Fight (need I say more)

August 26 200X: Season 1: Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 13, Episode 14
- Lyne goes to the Mall with Jackie, and then online with Flash Jackie
- Bass gets wet and mad
- Chaos ensues
- Who knew a dark navi could get grounded
- DJ, Sonata, Ken, Kid, Commander Beef, Sharkman, Treble, Fireman, Serenade, and Blade get introduced. Nina gets a honorable mention

August 27 200X: Season 1: Episode 15
- Day 1 of grounding
- Neko virus

September 10 200X: Not mentioned in any episode
- Raikaís leave ends (just in case you wanted to know)

September 25 200X: Season 1: Episode 16, Episode 17
- Megaman, Protoman, and Searchman discover a Glitch
- Bass gets wet again
- Last day of Lyneís grounding
- Dr. Steven Cossack, Marian Cossack, Connor Cossack, Alina, a Monk and a Mysterious figure get introduced

September 29, 200X: Season 1: Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 20, Episode 21
- A day at school with Lyne
- Last day of Bassís grounding
- Zodiac finally appears (editorís favorite point in the season)
- Lyne gets poisoned, and paralyzed (you would think this was pokeímon)
- Bass gets redeemed so to speak
- Toxyn, Maniac, Khan, Black Rose, Mystique, Sphyer, Angel, Razor, Zac, KitAngel, Gateman, Cassidy Liron, Levi, Michael, Nina, and Pyra get introduced

October 1, 200X: Season 1: Episode 22, Episode 23
- Operation Password
- Bass gets poisoned, and paralyzed (there seems to be a pattern here)
- Oh nos! Alpha is back as ball?!
- Megaman and Bass soul unison
- Nights, and The Ancient get introduced. King of Atlantis gets an honorable mention.
- Season 1 Finale

October 7, 200X: Season 2: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4
- Bassís first day of School
- Cross Fusion Class (why not?)
- Some crazy twins, and their pet spidy
- A kidnapping
- Rose, Pixy, King of Atlantis, Kobito, two Atlantis gate guards and Hackman introduced

October 8, 200X: Season 2: Episode 5
- Berserk craziness (need I say more)

October 14, 200X: Season 2: Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8
- PE Basketball final at school
- Exercise Prep
- Lyne gets a new small program (was not her fault)
- Treble is renamed Gospel by Bass before this point but this is the first official chapter his rename is mentioned
- Punk, and Kendoman get introduced. Navi Band Running From Rain gets an honorable mention.

October 15 200X: Season 2: Episode 9, Episode 10
- Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
- Lyne and Bass become NetSaviors officially
- Bass gets sick
- Leon, Zero, and Disk gets introduced

October 22 200X: Season 2: Episode 11
- Bass no longer sick
- First official job as NetSavior Team
- Mischief Makers Three
- Hal Shroder, Extrememan, Butch, Bouncer, Raider, Imp, Goblin, and Gremlin

October 29 200X: Season 2: Episode 12, Episode 13
- Cracked Confetti
- Party Invite
- Plane Ride to Brightland
- Searchmanís Memories
- Flashman discovers same glitch Megaman, and the other NetSavior navis had
- Reo Keshiro gets introduced. Deni Kishiro(Neta) Kuri, Saratu Keshiro, and General Bastaff gets an honorable mention.

October 30 200X: Season 2: Episode 14
- Lyne takes some technique lessons from Bass
- Bass secretly learns something from Tony Montana

October 31 200X: Season 2: Episode 15
- PARTY!!!
- Chainman defeated round 2
- Lyne exposed as Megawoman to Wily
- A favor paid, and one is owed
- General Bastaff, Annya Bastaff, Ademu, Dragoman, Kuri, Umi, and Cutsman get introduced

November 14 200X: Season 2: Episode 16 first half
- Atlantis history revealed to Lyne

November 15 200X: Season 2: Episode 16 second half, Episode 17, Episode 18
- Havock
- Two Atlantian Guards are official named, Kroa, and Grindel
- Owed favor accepted

November 16 200X: Season 2: Episode 19, Episode 20 first half
- UnderNet is bigger than it seams
- Trial #1 of the Atlantian Crown
- Lyne and Bass are tested
- NetDemon Armor
- Sable, Darkman, Kizuki, and Gypsy get introduced

November 17 200X: Season 2: Episode 20 second half
- Frozen Realm of Undernet
- Trial # 2 of the Atlantian Crown
- Lyne and Bass are tested again
- Atlantian Crystal Shards are introduced as a form of currency
- Big Bangs
- NeoKnight, Treno, Laina, and Lord Beowulf get introduced. Ayra gets an honorable mention

Bass: Change that last part!
Author: Why?
Bass: Sheís not honorable. Yes she is mentioned but she is not honorable.
Author: Kay then, Ayra is mentioned. Better?
Bass: Yes. Much better.
Author: Can I continue?
Bass: Sure I donít have any further complaints.

November 18 200X: Season 2: Episode 21, Episode 22
- Forgotten Forest Realm of Undernet
- Trial # 3 of the Atlantian Crown
- Possession is 9/10ths of the law, or is that for objects
- Dark, Light, Lee, Pharaohman, Temple get introduced.

November 19 200X: Season 2: Episode 23
- Xanadell Realm of Undernet (only realm that was named by itís lord)
- Trial # 4 of the Undernet Crown
- Wise Monk vs Cranky Bass
- Bath time!
- Chichiri gets borrowed from Fushigi Yugi yíknow.

November 20 200X: Season 2: Episode 24
- Virus Realm of the Undernet
- Network Fact of the Day: Viruses love bugs
- Trial # 5 of the Atlantian Crown
- Huge Virus fight
- Lyne gets a virus pet
- Nights becomes crowned finally as the King of Atlantis
- Dran, Cro, Queen Merova, and Spirit get introduced

November 21 200X: Season 2: Episode 25, Episode 26
- Nightís Birthday
- Havock Burnerman
- Lyne and Bass get upgraded
- Season 2 Finale

December 14 200X: Season 3: Episode 1
- Semester 3 Finals
- Trip to Jawaii
- Fishing, Sharks, Soup, and Kebabs (yum)
- Annetta, gets introduced, and the mighty return for Hal Shroder

January 16 20XX: Season 3: Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4 first half
- Bass is changing, and unable to login
- Lyne sees Neta for the first time in years
- Zodiac attack Lyne, and her friends in NetCity
- Vengeance is Maniacís
- World Three is watching again
- Famous is in trouble
- Zodiac history lesson
- Fireman gets navi-napped
- Ryoichi, and demons get introduced

January 17 20XX: Season 3: Episode 4 second half, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7
- Crabs have no time for Bass
- Treats can only get you so far
- Hell hath no fury like a female navi scorned
- Bassís secret is safe
- Challenged
- Donít wreck the mummyís halls
- Dark Cross Fusion
- Jealousy gets you deleted
- Ademuís revenge thwarted
- Spirit shows his true colors
- Virus Realm revisited
- Diamonds are Dranís best friend
- Ayra, Saratu Keshiro get introduced

January 19 20XX: Season 3: Beginning Episode 8
- Saratu apologizes
- Tadashi gets a visitor
- Dr. William Mordechai gets introduced

January 20 20XX: Season 3: Rest of Episode 8, Episode 9
- Bass gets an email from an old friend
- Bass and Lan team up (have to get away from the girls)
- Bass knows how to make smoke bombs (and no Lan isnít let in on this secret)
- Tour of tubes
- Cross Fusion without a DA who knew
- Lan gets online making Bass mad
- Middle Net introduction
- Zenny collection
- Commercials can be so boring
- Merc Net 3
- Visit Mordechai and get a password
- Facing old foes or are they friends
- Ribbita, Jasmine, Tamiko, Sanguman, Hump, and Justice get introduced

January 24 20XX: Season 3: Episode 10, Episode 11
- Lyne is better and helps cure Neta
- Bass asks her out on a date (must get new clothes)
- Lyne, Combit, and Spirit go to the mall before taking a trip to the park
- Bass Morph
- Zodiac is starting to make a habit of kidnapping
- They have the wrong Bass
- Reinfection impossible, unlocks memories
- Forced fusion
- Morph into a bunny or better a spidy
- To the rescue
- Donít touch me!
- Password reset
- Date still happens
- Godzilla
- No new characters in this arc

February 1 20XX: Season 3: Episode 12, Episode 13
- Bass got suspended for being stupid and is then unsuspended
- NK is having girl issues
- Dark Nation Mission Assignment
- Bass has a pilotís license (a real one)
- Have a piece of Ebony Pie
- Factory infiltration
- Lyne is very sneaky
- Treno is not
- Is NK infected?
- Morph is put to the test
- Rescue, and Mission success but where are Lyneís clothes
- Squished Spy Car
- Escape through the network
- New program Lyne needs to reboot
- New disguise for Bass
- One darkloid, two darkloid, three darkloidÖ oh my
- Lyne gets new style change Ė Combit Style
- Lots of action
- Network Fact of the day: Dark empowered are afraid of the Light
- Fights are over but where is NK? And Kaori?
- NK breaks his sword after deleting Kaori
- Temptation of darkness forces separation
- Team is hurt time to get some hot cocoa
- Soma, Geist, Mr. McFarse, Mr. Yanis, Hanz, Crew, Dr. Reagal, Swallowman, Blizzardman, Cosmoman, Dark Megaman get introduced
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Lan and Lyne Art Thread

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:51 am    Post subject: Was what I was supposed to do in L&L Reply with quote

Anyway after over a year wait the Editor of the fict has let me post this extra. It will be an active update so I will be posting updates in the first post with a reply that I did so. I hope to have Season 3 Episode 13 where it belongs, in your hands by the new year. Enjoy this holiday excerpt before Bass gets to play with snow.

Bass: Snow!!! Yessssss....
Lyne: Do I get to play too?
Author: We'll see but anyway we'll see you next time on Lan and Lyne Season 3: Episode 13: Exodus

Reminder: Updates will happen in the first post of this topic due to being a timeline. Timeline posts will be updated every arc.
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Lan and Lyne Art Thread
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:57 pm    Post subject: Dark Nation Arc Update Reply with quote

I had a computer crash majorly recently, but I got the updated Dark Nation Arc added to the Lan and Lyne time line. I hope that you enjoy it and look forward to the current arc ending soon. Until then see you guys.
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Lan and Lyne Art Thread
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