Rockman.exe Axess #19 : Search Soul!

Laika and Netto must work together in an incident investigation order given to them, but the two still do not get along well. The head and main cause of the troubling incident is the return of the Dark Loid Desertman. Rockman fights against Desertman, who has obtained an invisibility power, but Searchman is able to fight much easier with his search ability. But when Rockman is in a pinch, Searchman disobeys his orders for the sake of helping Rockman, which shocks Laika. With the combined powers of both Rockman and Searchman, Desertman is defeated once again. The two Net Saviors from different countries still do not get along well, but Laika does give Netto a small amount of respect.

Teamwork...what? Arrogance ...what the heck is Pizz?
That Laika......! Desertman & Darkchips Rock Buster!
In a pinch Orders are absolute Ready, aim, fire!
No Escape Farewalls Still no respect