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The Anime

Wolf Pack Productions is primarily responsible for subtitling the Rockman.exe series. You can find Wolf Pack Productions' site located ((- here -)) They release the episodes subtitled so that fans may download them onto their computers. There are a couple of ways in which you can find them for download, so here are a few:

-Visit Wolf Pack Productions' page for instructions on connecting to their MIRC channel
-Download the episodes via a file-sharing program called Bit-Torrent. The torrent files are on their webpage.

If you don't mind your anime in the raw form without any subtitles, then you can buy the official Japanese DVDs from CD Japan. Beware though, these are encoded in Region 2. Normal DVD Players can only play Region 1 DVDs, so you will need a multi-region DVD player in order to play these correctly. However, some newer computers have programs that let their DVD-ROMs play either region (mine does, I own DVD volume 9 of EXE and I can play it just fine.) Some players are limited however to only so much switchbacks between regions, so be careful.

-CD Japan (International Store)

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By much surprise, the dub version is also being released onto DVD. Unfortunately, they only sell what was aired on TV, thus not all episodes are included. Also, because it is the dub version, this means it is the edited footage as well. Only English and Spanish are available as the language tracks. The original Japanese version is not available on Region 1 DVD.

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